August 29, 2014
I’m scrapping my previous Caecilius theories.



After seeing Deep Breath, it seems the explanation is going to be a lot more introspective than anyone’s been thinking.

(spoilers below)

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 Brilliant theory and one that popped in to my less eloquent head too - plus, the  ’frobisher was a good man’ is one if the closings lines of children of Earth, despite everything else he did. 

Oh, this is great. The face of the man who was saved from the hopeless disaster by a good man, and the man who lost his life and did dark things in a hopeless situation, but still could be called good. Both are reminders that the Doctor needs very much.


whenever i see people arguing over what makes a “real fan”

especially in doctor who

with this whole “don’t skip nine!” “watch the classic series” “forget the classic series!” “i miss ten” “listen to the audios” and different levels of fandom

and all I see is

anything you can Who
I can Who better

I know the Doctor
better than you

no you don’t
yes i do
no you don’t

yes I do
yes it’s Who
yes I dooooo-weeeeee-oooooo



this is the best thing I’ve seen



Yes. We have not nearly talked about this scene enough.

Because when Clara is threatened with torture, you already know she will be brave. You know she will be strong and hide her fear and just get through it until the Doctor comes back.

And then you realise that you were absolutely wrong. Clara does not hide her fear at all, for it is not something that needs hiding. An emotion as strong as fearing for your life is a powerful weapon. And by admitting just how scared she is, Clara immediately wins the game. The more scared she is, the less likely it is that she will talk.

This is so clever and yet so typical Moffat and I just love it. His heroes do not prevail despite having emotions - they haven’t gone through some gruelling military training that makes them tough in a crisis.

No, his heroes are strong because of their emotions. Be scared, be sad, cry, laugh, love, and do not be ashamed to show it. Real strength lies in owning who you are.

Moffat said it himself: “History tells us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now, and heroes tell us who we want to be.”

A world of Moffat’s heroes is certainly something worth striving for.

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Belgium (by Kilian Schönberger)

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I got the money, Fee. I still want us to be together, it can work, yeah? This is our chance for me, you and Kira to start over.

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clara oswald & the doctor in into the dalek (x)

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Margaery Tyrell + tumblr text posts


Amy Pond. All alone. The girl who didn’t make sense.

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”Are there things you could actually lay down and say: a companion needs to have these qualities?”
David Tennant & Peter Davison | Doctor Who: The Ultimate Companion

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I got old. What did you think was going to happen? Thirty-six years, three months, four days of solitary confinement. This facility was built to give people a chance to live. I walked in here and I died. I waited for you, but you didn’t save me.

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